Die Leere im Kern Deiner Hoffnung – Info

A huge guy with heavy glasses and a drop tuned electric guitar, a woman 10 feet tall, computer beats and synth basses. Post industrial beats, stoner bass loops, metal riffs and german lyrics. Guitars cannot be to loud, drum patterns never to stoical, bass licks never to dark, lyrics never to sealed.

Die Formation Doppelherz 2000 – Info

Die Formation celebrates Disco, Pop, Electro, German Schlager and Eurotrance with nonchalance and elegance like no other. Their music is supercharged with hedonism, escapism, idealism and soundaesthetic liberalism, that won’t surrender to any kind of taste-policy. Die Formation lives with a refreshing carefreeness and knows exactly how to dance on the razorblade between hillarious entertainment and subtle irony like no other band on this planet. And with this planet we mean earth.

Erich Schall – Info

He produced his first sound, when he hit his empty puuding-cup with a spoon. For a while, he left this first attempt as this. After some brawls at different institutions of education he sold his “von und zu”. With that money he went to a pawnshop in Mito and bought his first automatic keyboard. [more]

For Example John – Info

This Duo from Cologne / Mainz describes their musica as a mix of Eierlikör, Tobbasco and Mothballs, served on ice with an olive. Sometimes serious, but more often with a sarcastic smile, the John-Family invites us, to expolore their very own galaxy. Lucky are those who keep solid ground under their feet.

E-Mail: forexamplejohn[at]derkleinegruenewuerfel.de

Marco Trovatello – Info

In the second half of the eighties and throughout the nineties, Marco was a bass guitarist  in various indie rock bands. As an occasional synth player and early owner of both a C64 and Atari ST he quickly became  interested in MIDI and electronic music as well. He still believes his music consists, for the most part, of indie-, post-rock and electronic elements. Meanwhile, Marco has  released his second solo album on our label (see releases) plus, in cooperation with Bernd Wilberg, an electronic or respectively electroacoustic album as Schmitz & Niebuhr. [more]

Svann E. Langguth – Info

Svann E. Langguth, born 1966 in Talence.
PhD in Malaiologie and dilettante in elektroacustic.
Member of the Therapeutischen Hörgruppe Köln and active participant of the Drehkommando.




The following artist are no longer actively contibuting to der kleine grüne Würfel. Some of them have founded new projects (e.g. Das Blaue Monster or Schmitz & Niebuhr), some of them have left the music completly behind and have turned to different professions.

Schmitz & Niebuhr – Info

Schmitz & Niebuhr are Wilfried ‘Willi’ Schmitz and Klaus C. Niebuhr from Cologne, Germany. They started their first band in 1988 and played in various projects since then. In 2000 they began producing music as Schmitz & Niebuhr. Schmitz & Niebuhr are interested in ambitious, large pop music as well as in minimal music, soundtracks and lo-fi sounddesign. The live-setup ranges from small electro-acoustic duo to full band sets with b/g/dr + electronics.