Erich Schall – Info

He produced his first sound, when he hit his empty puuding-cup with a spoon. For a while, he left this first attempt as this. After some brawls at different institutions of education he sold his “von und zu”. With that money he went to a pawnshop in Mito and bought his first automatic keyboard.

As he could not read the manual, the keyboard did what it wanted and generated his own pieces of music. After a first concert in Niort some people from the upset audience laid hands on the keyboards floppy disc and deleted the tracks. After this throwback Schall sold the keyboard to a collector and bought an even bigger automated machine, which from then on helped him produce his sounds. He still doesn’t understand, what it’s doing, but it looks way better and has nice blinking lights.

E-Mail: ercih.schall[at]