Die Leere im Kern Deiner Hoffnung – Info

A huge guy with heavy glasses and a drop tuned electric guitar, a woman 10 feet tall, computer beats and synth basses. Post industrial beats, stoner bass loops, metal riffs and german lyrics. Guitars cannot be to loud, drum patterns never to stoical, bass licks never to dark, lyrics never to sealed.

„Their songs are precise, concise in the best sense, and in use of the sometimes minimalistic means highly effective. And damn powerful. Even if their message is disenchanting, their sound gives pleasure“ (Felix Klopotek, Stadtrevue Cologne magazine 4/2013)

Internet activist Frank Christian Stoffel and vocalist Doris Mücke make music since the early nineties. In 1990 they started off with their avantgarde industrial project ‚und der ganze Rest’. They are quite well known here, as over the last seven years they delivered superb electronic bass music as „Das Blaue Monster“. Now they got back to their roots researching the power of guitar music, transfering the repetitive, hypnotic, compelling element of Techno to their very own idea of Stoner Metal.

FC Stoffel and Doris Mücke prefer being part of the solution than being part of the problem: They commit themselves to a strengthening of creative commons. They stand for a change in thinking in dealing with cultural goods – turning away from exclusive maximisation of profits, turning towards free access and fair options for use.

E-Mail: stoffel@dieleereimkerndeinerhoffnung.de

Website: dieleereimkerndeinerhoffnung.de