Marco Trovatello – Info

In the second half of the eighties and throughout the nineties, Marco was a bass guitarist  in various indie rock bands. As an occasional synth player and early owner of both a C64 and Atari ST he quickly became  interested in MIDI and electronic music as well. He still believes his music consists, for the most part, of indie-, post-rock and electronic elements. Meanwhile, Marco has  released his second solo album on our label (see releases) plus, in cooperation with Bernd Wilberg, an electronic or respectively electroacoustic album as Schmitz & Niebuhr.

On most of his music, Marco’s original instrument –  the bass guitar and related instruments such as the Bass VI – play an important role, next to various other electronic and acoustic instruments and samples. He amalgamates these sounds to some kind of timeless post rock, which, on the one hand, has a lot of references to classic bands of the genre. On the other hand, he develops his very own, unpretentious style by providing his tracks with unexpected twists and simply beautiful pop melodies.


Not At All (LP, 2018)

I had to let God be in Control of ALL Things (LP, 2012)

Searching for Life (Single, 2019)

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