Svann E. Langguth feat. Hanns von Guglet meets Henrych –
n-ary non-lineary (Fugale Schemen)

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The subtitle “Fugale Schemen” shows us the way into this acoustically unknown terrain. Like Shadows in the fog, sound events immediately appear and pass us by as we listen and continue to feel our way forward and dive deeper and deeper into this strange world of sound.

Irritation and fascination are close together here. There is a lot to discover, but whether and what lies at the end of the journey also depends on what we ourselves bring along. The more open and unprejudiced we are in getting involved with the unknown, the other, the more enriching our experiences in this foreign terrain will be.

The composer Svann E. Langgut gives us the following words to guide us:

„Nary n-ary is probably the closest you come in this peaceful piece to a aural innovation in fusion and fission. The fugue in itself rotten and overcome can be one of the palatable forms of deliverance delivery for a new way of perception of audible incidents. It combines the function of memory and the technique of coincidentally segmentation of events to ingratiate the unflattering chain of sounds to the ear.
It schemes that by this fermenting approach the weakness of the human condition to take on an unaccustomed pooling of frequencies and overtone gains undulating territory.
It will complement oxidized metals and conduct the semi tones to an solid small black rivulet to rungle through the fields of poppy weeds and defy the insurgent digital streaks.“

In addition there are two videos on youtube: Disruption of Integration and Knowledge of Propagule.


Creative Commons LizenzvertragThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


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Fan Club Hanns van Guglet

27.12.2020, 09:05h

Knowledge of Propagule is for me the best piece of 2020 and 2019

Svann E. Langguth

29.04.2021, 07:17h

Wow, thanks a lot.
That gives me the spirit to continue recording.


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