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Thomas Bartz is the man behind Six Umbrellas and his new album “Metropolis” marks a turning point in his life. He is leaving Berlin and this is his farewell. A collection of pieces that were created during this time of reorientation. Without reading too much into it, the inclined listener with a little empathy can feel the process. On the one hand, there is the fascination for the big city with its fast-paced vibration, which is not stingy with stimuli; on the other hand, there is the longing for soothing serenity in the tranquillity of nature.

Musically, this is reflected in rich bass drums and pulsating basses on the one hand and fluffy downbeats with field recordings of birdsong on the other. In between, there are 8-bit sounds reminiscent of video games, wafting synthesizer pads and extremely melodic arpeggio sequences. Stylistically, this takes place on the fringes of IDM, big beat, downbeat and electropop. A beautiful, varied mix of grooves and tempos, wonderfully held together by a sound that we can confidently call the “Six Umbrellas Sound”. This is his 7th album, after all.

Observant listeners should have been aware of Six Umbrellas since their 2015 album “The Psychedelic And”. I (FC Stoffel) had celebrated it appropriately in a review in the Cologne StadtRevue. Since then, Six Umbrellas has released a new album every few years, in the best D.I.Y. sense. On his website and on the relevant platforms, all under Creative Commons license. So now a new album, again on all platforms, but this time also here. We are convinced that this music should be heard from many more loudspeakers around the world and would like to do our bit to make this happen. Creative Commons makes it possible.

You can find more information about Six Umbrellas and links to all the other wonderful albums on his website: sixumbrellas.de


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