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Narrative structures trigger expectations. Without fixed patterns, thoughts can flow more freely and associations can be carried forward in a more unbound way.

Similar to lying on the divan on a Thursday afternoon and looking diagonally past the backrest into the sky, or in the morning Similar to lying on the divan on a Thursday afternoon and looking at the sky diagonally past the backrest, or pressing lightly on your closed eyes with your thumb in the morning and indulging in the images that arise in this way, musical sketches can also develop a pull thanks to unfamiliar timbres – they gently penetrate into your own state of being and open up spaces.

It is such aspects, in outlines and hints, partly compelling, partly only vaguely pointing in a direction, that give the pieces of “among others” their special charm.

Some things are only thought of or sketchily recorded, and thus a piece is developed. Other tracks plumb the cool allure of repetition, working with distance and alienation, but the use of the human voice creates an almost homey intimacy.

Close your eyes and listen to what’s coming, let it flow through you and then move on again….

Henrych lives in seclusion in the borderlands. After People in Sorrow (until 1992) episodic collaborations with various artists. “among others” is a selection of birthday pieces for Svann E. Langguth, with whom he has a long-standing friendship.

And in addition three videos on YouTube:
Henrych – deep et al
Henrych – m at bay
Henrych – ysa


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