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Time flies. Has it really been six years since Marco Trovatello enchanted us with his wonderful solo debut? And now – completely out of the blue – his second album is released. Again, it captivates us with timeless instrumental pieces.

So it is not surprising that Marco remains true to his main instruments, which are various bass guitars, and all tracks seem to have been thought and developed from the bass riffs. Be it a classic Fender Jazz bass, a 6-string Jaguar VI or a Bass VI that provides even lower frequencies.

New are the live recorded drums. Here, Marco’s daughter Rosa makes her debut, playing on “We are now” and “Edmond VI”. And while the drums where miked anyway, Marco also recorded some beats for the other pieces. In addition, there are guitar sounds of his other daughter Ada, also on “Edmond VI” and a rather cheeky fuzz solo by Marco on “Mädchen aus Glas”. If you add the collaboration with Michael Cramm (singer and songwriter of Cologne band Van Zoyd) on “Haunty Fourstroke” and the mysterious little sound snippets “from outer Space”, you can rightly speak of a real band. No wonder it took a little time.

So now it’s here. We think it creates a wonderful atmosphere which will hopefully continue to fascinate even after six more years. Here, for once it’s a good thing that the internet never forgets and these tracks, thanks to a CC-license, will probably be available for all eternity. With this in mind: per aspera ad astra!

Credit: Marco Trovatello,, 2018 – Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 International.

All Tracks are also available as 24 Bit Wavs Download (650 MB).




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All tracks written, played and produced by Marco Trovatello.

Edmond VI: Solo guitar by Ada Trovatello, Drums by Rosa Trovatello.
Haunty Fourstroke: Words written and performed by Michael Cramm.
We are now: Drums by Rosa Trovatello.

Mastered and compiled by Cem Oral at Jammin Masters, Berlin.
Cover designed by Rosa & Ada Trovatello. ‘Phage’ Font by M.R. Tugcu.

Fire Sound on ‘Southfolk’ recorded by Mike Koenig, CC BY 3.0.
‘I have the fireflies’ sample on ‘Violin Spider’ by John Glenn/NASA Mercury 7 team.
‘Savvy’ loop on ‘Bluehlicht’ by OvalDNA – used with friendly permission.