Sorry – No Facebook

We have left Facebook. We’ve come to the conclusion, that facebook is no longer compatible with our ideals. We publish under creative commons license, because we believe in freedom, self-determination, pluralism and individual personal rights. We don’t want to live in a world where the internet has been taken over by the four horsemen of the infocalypse (Facebook, Apple, Google, Amazon) and where every post has to be 100% compatible with the EULAs and community guidelines of these mega corporations.

We still like the idea of do-it-yourself – more than ever. Let’s reclaim the internet. With our own websites, blogs, netlabels and the good old newsletters and emails. That might not feel so comfortable as the low-threshold services of the shiny social-media world. But in exchange we don’t pay with our data and the complete surrender of our private lifes. And that should be worth it, or not?