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Retrospective Self Criticism

“My Favorite Songs and Chants” is a compilation from 2001. The tracks are a selection of analog recordings (pre-laptop) with a trusty Fostex 4-track cassette recorder produced in the bedroom and kitchen.

The equipment is pure 80s and 90s home recording gear. The instruments are among others the two mini sample keyboards Casio SK-1 and Yamaha VSS-30, the synthesizers Casio CZ-5000 (with the terrific sequencer), the two small Casio CZ-101 and Yamaha DX-100, various sound bodies, drums and drum-like, flutes, voice, radio and TV recordings, noises, piano, a monocord, a ukulele, a modified Dynacord Echocord Super S65, two tape machines – an Uher Variocord 236 and an Uher Royal de luxe -, a dictaphone, tube radio, for one piece also an old Atari with Cubase and an ESI 32 were used.

The songs and music pieces were created in the period of the 90s in Aachen, Mainz, Hamburg and Cologne as mini-cassette editions. Many of the pieces were also contributed by friends, who are hereby thanked anonymously and in a general way. The digitization is not based on a re-mix of the 4-track recordings, but simply a transfer of the stereo track of an original tape of the small edition, accordingly the quality and the noise level.

The covers of the tapes and names of the pieces are no longer to be found; I could still remember some of them, others never had a name and have only now received one.

The video “Le passion du bricolage” is an experimental film from the 90s, in which I already used some of the pieces from the two releases as sound material at that time.

Svann E. Langguth, April 2021


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