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Svann E. Langguth – Drei- und Vierstimmige Interventionen & Polymorphe Vivisektion

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Seriously, we have no idea what Svann Langguth has been up to regarding his latest project. Here’s what we know: Tinkering around for months, he soldered numerous electronic tone and noise generators and finally packed them in lunch boxes. Therein, boards with the following chips are used:

40106 Schmitttrigger / 4093 Quad NAND / 4006 18-stage Shift Register / 555 Timer IC

Regarding the wiring diagrams, Svann tells us the following:

“Most devices are linked, but some are conceived in Lunetta style too, with freely patchable IC inputs on top of the boxes. Schmitttrigger and Quad NAND-Oscillators follow the suggestions of Master Collins, other approaches I developed myself. Circuit diagrams are ephemeral in this context. I only create rough functional schematics only in order to not lose track. Please see below for a preliminary layout of a DDS (Direct Digital Synthesis) with changing overtones, but only two clocks, and one more of my undertone generator, whose prototype yielded the rhythmics. And the configuration to Shift Reg Loops with multiplex ‘programming’.

Conceptually, the devices have a tendency to hysteresis. I slowly approach a controlled randomisation – to date, it is either still total or the behaviour of sound is by tendency influenced by a sublime Logarithm. Regarding the recordings, I deliberately kept the overall principle simple and pure.”

Take a look at some photos and two diagrams:

The recordings are in fact experiments with DIY tone and noise generators, with Svann working systematically, exploring the unique features of the specific circuits of his lunchboxes on a track-by-track basis.

Track titles should be understood according to this classification, and consequently also the separation into part A and B. A number of rhythmical and enriched Bass’n’Noise tracks are mixed in between the pure complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor tracks.

The release is conceived as a classic double album, with two covers, two titles and two chronologies regarding the tracks on the respective album. Please consider these chronologies.


Tracklist: Dreistimmige Interventionen

Tracklist: Polymorphe Vivisektion

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