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Schmitz & Niebuhr – Orgelqualität

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Schmitz & Niebuhr are interested in ambitious, large pop music as well as in minimal music, soundtracks, lo-fi sounddesign and cheesy 80ies presets. The production of their album ‘Orgelqualität’ took almost two years – in almost evolutionary process they recorded the musical pieces by constantly recording, remixing, deleting and re-recording basic audio tracks as well as sample fragments.

So, what you will hear ranges from Glockenspiel, Saxophone, Field recordings and phone voices to Cello, Stylophon, Kalimba, cross flute, self-recorded short wave radio samples and much more over elaborated Electronica. Musical elements that may be disparate but that get together extremely and form tracks that are simply beautiful.


All tracks are licensed under a Creative Commons by-nc-nd 2.5 License.
You are free to copy, distribute and transmit the work for noncommercial purposes.

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