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For Example John – The first 12 Decades

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The mob is pondering, the bigoted wearily sways his indifference from his soul and actually everything is completely different. For Example John (Mainz / Köln) tramp through different styles at will, without ever loosing the cynical gestures about this construct called life. So it fits in, that the both main protagonist every now and then recruit their own family members for their collective (sic!).

The title of the album might be a hint to the stilistic evolution of the Johns. In younger days they might be stampeded through the fileds of Punkrock, but nowadays they rather sow their wild oats with a larger than life Pop-Design. (Ehm, the horns. Not for nothing they are used in combination with the discoball in the logo. And don’t they sound amazing in the opener, the “For Example John Song”?)

In any case, they collected a lot of gems over the year and neatly arranged them. Here you can find it all: the agit, the weird, the strange, but also the trivial, all in best friendship, side by side. Sometimes english, sometimes german in the best DAF-jargon, sometimes thoughtfull, romantic, idiotic, funny or even painfully sober. Let there be Schlager, let there be Country, let there be Eurodance. But first and foremost let there be charming Thrash on the polished dancefloor.

Is this eclectizism gone completely wild?


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