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Erich Schall – SONDE

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This is the third album Erich Schall recorded for our small label and he is not becoming repetitive at all – instead he reinvents himself or, respectively, his music once again. Erich speaks several musical languages fluently: Minimal, Electro and lately also IDM, Experimental and Downtempo!

Self-limitation is key for Erich, also to avoid that his music becomes arbitrary. Every track follows exactly one idea, in a very consequent way, be it „Sticks“, featuring sampled sounds of claves, exploring the saxophone in ‚Saxblock‘ or the piano in „Quantifier“. Variations in Tempo and even polyrhythms are objects of research as well – from the cracking „Tropical Dodge“ to the hypnotic mid-tempo „Outside the tent“ and „Sweep“ to the chilly downtempo „Dew“. Perfect to listen in one go. If you like it, spread the word!


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