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This is the first of two EPs that we’re happy to publish from Dominik Vogel. Like so many great artists, Dominik makes little fuss about the creation of his tracks: “It was recorded in one night in one go with my modular system and is therefore not reproducible.”

As charming as this understatement may be, it raises more questions than it answers. How many years did it take to study its modules to record three such tracks in one night? How many live performances had Dominik to do, to develop such a wonderful feeling for the tension in the arrangement? How many efforts and failed attempts did it take before everything came together so wonderfully in one night? And how can the tracks come along so easily nonchalant without sounding arbitrary?

To make things even more strange, there is a video (on youtube)for the track “Mirage” that shows us how the piece was created. Like a magician, we can look at Dominik’s hands all the time, as he turns buttons and presses keys. And he makes us think we can understand what’s going on. Until he finally presses Stop and we realize that we have no explanation for what we saw and heard there. Except that we were allowed to participate in the magic of a night when everything was just right.


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