Dominik Vogel – Low Season Carnival

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Here now, as promised, the second EP by Dominik Vogel. It is a bit more cryptic than Oasis, but that fits well to the self chosen theme and also in our strange times. As with Oasis, everything was recorded live in one go. This time with the special challenge that many of the elements were created generatively and an intervention of the “player” changes something, but the result is not predictable.

Dominik gave us the following lines to accompany the recording:

“What happens where nobody wants to be,
in the forgotten places, in the shunned times?
Rage and melancholy, decay and hope – moods and voices
captured in the crisis zone at dawn,
at the fair during the low season,
in the abandoned arcade.”

This time there are two videos that let us participate in the process of creation. One to “Low Seasons Carnival” and as bonus an alternate take to “Dawn Over Varosha“.

Stay calm and carry on.


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