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Die Formation Doppelherz 2000 – Die größten Erfolge

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How sexy is that? After more than 10 years, Cologne’s legenday Formation Doppelherz 2000 decide to release their greatest successes under a creative commons licence. We admit though we’ve been working on this since we started our small netlabel – and organised gig after gig with these “last heroes of love”, the latest at Cologne Commons 2013. These guys are nowhere better than at one of their live shows.

Tim Bindel and Felix Mutter celebrate their distinct mix of Disco, Pop, Electro, Schlager and Eurotrance with a nonchalance and elegance that takes us back to a time where a club was still called discotheque and DJ’s still played records.

Thus, Formation Doppelherz 2000’s music comes packed with Hedonism, Escapism, Idealism and off the planet soundasthetics – paired with hilarious entertainment and subtle irony.

Anyway, we’re thrilled to have Formation Doppelherz 2000 on our label now – so go ahead, found your own fan club and bombard us with requests for hand signed autograph gards!


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