[wuerfel 09]

Das Blaue Monster – Wann, wenn nicht hier

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Das Blaue Monster and the power of elasticity. Like caoutchouc this shady machinemusic gets pressed through the hollow alleys that FC Stoffel with his arcane knwoledge has drilled into the mountains. An industrial carpet on the floor. Seemingly absorbed in thought Doris Mücke takes a stroll on it with her lyrics in high heels, unevitably ignoring the structure of the carpet.

Yet alone the majesty of the bass adjusts everything in line – big and massive like a back tooth. Hypnotic turbulences are more than just effects. They are an attitude, a way of life. “Where others back down is only my starting point” thinks the monster, steamrolling deeper and deeper into unknown grounds. Just to breakthrough into sunlight. And just by walking by, it resolve the answers to some mighty questions: What remains after a conflagration? Is Wolf Singer right? Who lives in the desert?


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