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The Drehkommando is a loose association of friends of electronic sound generators with many knobs. At their meetings they sit obliviously in front of their devices and are always surprised anew by the sounds they produce together. Often they reach a point where they don’t really know what they are doing anymore. But that doesn’t really matter, as long as it sounds good and everyone has fun.

Experience shows that phases of fumbling around together alternate with passages in which everything suddenly fits together perfectly. Sometimes the friends manage to agree on a rough flow beforehand. But it’s also possible that a spontaneous fit of congeniality causes all agreements to be forgotten and that they screw themselves into electronic rapture together.

Drehkommando sees itself as an open collective. It began in 2004 in ever-changing lineups on various occasions. Since 2014, a solid core of actors has emerged, who since then appear more and more often in public.

In the current line-up these are:

Cie: Toraiz SP16
Doris Mücke: Voice, Looper, Delay, Filter
Frank Christian Stoffel: P3-Sequencer, Waldorf Pulse, Mikro Modular
Erich Schall: Electribe, Rocket, Delay
Nodepond: Electribe, Mikro Modular, Eyesy Organelle
Rico Honisch: laptop, drum pads
Artur Starosczyk: various esoteric sound objects
Christian Werthschulte: whatever comes at hand

There is no conductor. What for? Since everybody knows what they are doing. At least more or less.